WRSA Sport Volunteers Project

14 Sep WRSA Sport Volunteers Project

The Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly in partnership with Regional Sport Victoria, Vicsport and Volunteering Victoria are planning a series of workshops designed to support sporting club volunteers.

The project called “Thrive With Support” involves four workshops based on each stage of the sport volunteer action cycle:-

1. Plan
2. Recruit
3. Select
4. Guide
5. Encourage
6. Recognize

Volunteers are the life blood of our sporting clubs and more time and effort needs to be put into the recruiting process, to ensure clubs remain sustainable going forward.

Each workshop will give club volunteers the necessary tools and resources to navigate their way through the volunteer process which is designed to make your club stronger and better equipped for the journey ahead.

The first workshop will be held on Thursday September 21 at the Horsham Cycling Club rooms from 7pm.

Each workshop is linked so for clubs to gain the maximum benefit they are encouraged to send at least two members along to each one.

Future workshops are set down for October and November.

Registration is important by contacting the WRSA on 53824599 or by completing the online registration here: https://forms.office.com/r/FPc8nN93XX