History of WRSA

Sports Assemblies


Sports Assemblies came into existence after the release in 1983 of the policy paper “Sport in Victoria”. This paper, which covered all future aspects of planning, development and funding for sport, recognised the need to cover many areas and groups which have long been neglected. The concept of “Sports Assemblies” was born.


The Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly


Following the initiative of the Department of Sport & Recreation, a public meeting was held on March the 21st, 1983 in Horsham to discuss the formation of a Regional Sports Assembly. The aim was for the Assembly to be a body made up of representatives from local sporting groups, sporting associations, schools, local government, minority groups and individuals – all with an interest in the development of sport at the grass roots level. The meeting decided to proceed and nominated approximately 21 persons representing all Wimmera local government municipalities to form a committee.

On April the 6th, 1983 this committee met for the first time, appointed a Chairman and an executive committee, and began the task of formulating the role of an assembly in the Wimmera. The first executive officer was appointed some 12 months later on a part time basis.