About the WRSA

“…Providing Active participation and opportunities in sport and recreation for all people” … is our mission


The Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly Inc. is a volunteer based organisation established to support the growth, development and promotion of sport and recreation at the grass roots level.


The Assembly provides a vital link between local clubs and state and national bodies. It has formed a solid partnership with Sport and Recreation Victoria and other strategic partners (including VicHealth, Local Government, and health agencies) to provide a quality service for Wimmera sports clubs and associations which encompasses the needs and priorities of the region.


The Assembly office is situated at 17 McLachlan Street in Horsham and staff can readily provide information and support on a variety of sports related topics. Staff have a wide range of both experience and knowledge and would be pleased to assist wherever possible.


Our region covers a vast amount of Western Victoria and includes the Yarriambiack, Hindmarsh, West Wimmera, Northern Grampians and Horsham Rural City Shires.


Victorian Map2


The Assembly’s role, its programs and the issues identified and developed over time include:


Incorporation advice to clubs – a dominant role in the early years of the Assembly.


Beginning a Sports Foundation to support sporting athletes in the region.


Initiating the Sports Star of the Year Awards (which commenced 1985). Past winners of the award (Kevin Magee – Motor Cycling, Shane Kelly – Cycling, Kerri Tepper – Table Tennis) have highlighted the contribution of the Wimmera to National and International sport. As well, high profile guest speakers at these awards have included the likes of Bob Ansett, Ron Casey, Herb Elliott, Tim Watson, Peter Brock, Jane Flemming and Michelle Fielke.Starting the Wimmera Regional Games concept (commenced October 1986).


Acting as an advocate for Wimmera sporting clubs on issues such as crown land rentals, corella damage, water costs, insurance etc. to appropriate bodies.


Encouraging sportspersons to gain National Accreditation in Coaching, Officiating, Sports Medicine and Administration and, where possible, hosting these courses in the Wimmera.


Showing strong leadership as an Assembly by developing a strong structure that is both proactive and reactive.

Encouraging a co-operative development of School, School/Club based programs through the Aussie Sport, Sportsfun Leadership Programs and Community Club Development Schemes. Also encouraging schools to adopt the SEPEP Model and that they consider becoming Active Australia Network members.

Starting the Wimmera Regional Games concept (commenced October 1986, finished 1997.

Having representation on appropriate regional, state and federal reference groups to ensure the issues facing sport are both considered and heard including the Combined Regional Sports Assembly now called Sports Assemblies Victoria and, through this body, on the State Sports Council (until 1995), the Combined Regional Sports Assembly then called Sports Assemblies Victoria and now called “Regional Sports Network Victoria”.

Establishing a close rapport with local clubs, regional associations and local councils and encouraging them to become Active Australia Providers.

Providing opportunities for all population groups to become more physically active by using a variety of strategies. Developing collaborative partnerships with disability groups, health agencies, the Koori community, women’s organisations, business, tourism and other such associations to encourage physical activity.

Developing clear partnerships with Sport and Recreation Victoria, VicHealth, Australian Drug Foundation, National and State Sporting Associations, the Australian Sports Commission, Federal, State and local Government to deliver quality participation programs to all Wimmera persons.