Regional Administrators Network

We are piloting a new program for outstanding women in our community who are leading the way in their sport or association in board involvement, administration, coaching or refereeing.

Our program is to facilitate a monthly Regional Administrator network meeting where like-minded women from all areas and sports can come together to engage ideas from each other. To have a safe environment to share and learn on lots of different issues regarding women and equality in sport. To create greater visibility and recognition for all the girls and women helping to make our regions sports what they are.

We plan to be able to provide value to you with different guest speakers and help you to feel more confident and supported in your current role. Also encourage other women to step up and take on leadership roles within our sporting communities.

We feel that a collective of inspirational women together can really change our game. We can be on the same side collaborating and brainstorming to increase female participation in our area and be the leaders in heading up gender equality in sport.

First meeting Tuesday the 20th of  March 2018.

For More information please call the 53824591 or email