Sports Star Hall of Fame

Below is a list of people who have been inducted into the Sports Star Hall of Fame

People who win the Sports Star of the Year Award are inducted into the Hall of Fame the following year.


2016: Jesse Isse (Athletics)

2015: Craig Kelly (Shooting)* 


*(Award withdrawn)


2014: Alethea Sedgman (Shooting)

2013: Darcy Tucker (Football)

2012: Jannick Blair (Wheelchair Basketball)

2011: Ken Bald (Shooting)

2010: Alethea Sedgman (Shooting)

2009: Mark O’Brien (Cycling)

2008: David Rich (Shooting)

2007: Ash Bolwell (Shooting)

2006: Eddy Nagorcka (Shooting)

2005: Mark O’Brien (Cycling)

2004: Damien Skurrie (Football)

2003: Aaron Bruce (Basketball)

2002: Rob Taylor (Rogaining)

2001: Jason Niblett (Cycling)

2000: Jason Niblett (Cycling)

1999: Megan Farrell (Softball)

1998: Jason Niblett (Cycling) & Ryan Wills (Athletics)



1997: Luke Walker (Shooting)

1996: Brett Morrison (High Jump)

1995: Noel Grellet (Yachting)

1994: Melissa McClure (Basketball)

1993: Joyce Pearce (Lawn Bowls)

1992: Shane Kelly (Cycling)

1991: Remo Luciani (Go Kart Racing)

1990: Chris Young (Lawn Bowls)

1989: Kerri Jorgensen (Athletics)

1988: Jane Shearwood (Golf)

1987: Kevin Magee (Motorcycling)

1986: Kevin Magee (Motorcycling) & Kerri Tepper (Table Tennis)

(Not pictured Kevin Magee)

1985: Dallas Brown (Athletics)