Ministerial Order No. 870 – Child Safe Standards

10 Aug Ministerial Order No. 870 – Child Safe Standards

To all members you need to know the following:-
Ministerial Order No. 870 – Child Safe Standards.
The new Ministerial Order No. 870 came into effect on 1st August 2016 and as a result, St Brigid’s College has been required to implement certain strategies and amend applicable school policies. In relation to the College Stadium:-
“The Hirer will
(a) Abide by Ministerial Order No. 870 dated 22 December 2015 in relation to Child Safe Standards, by providing active adult supervision to all children under the age of 18 when on the premises. For the purposes of this clause, “the premises” includes all/any land or property owned or managed by the school or its adjacent surroundings.
This may mean that the hirer issues instructions to its members and attendees, that no parent, guardian or other person is to “drop off’ a child at the premises and leave that child without a nominated adult supervisor being present.”