Liquor Licensing issues to address at your sporting club

08 Apr Liquor Licensing issues to address at your sporting club

A message from the Alcohol and Drug Foundation.

Dear Good Sports clubs,

Despite this environment of uncertainty, my colleagues and I are committed to continuing to work with you to support your club. This less than ideal environment does present a good opportunity to help your sporting clubs review/update your current sporting club liquor license, update their clubs Good Sports accreditation and the club policies.

In regards to your liquor license:
1. Sporting clubs that have paid the 2020 renewal fee for their liquor licence or BYO permit will be reimbursed this fee, and those yet to pay will have their fee waived (I just received my club’s cheque)
More information can be found at –
2. As it takes time to make amendments to your liquor license, now is the time for me to have a look at your club liquor license and discuss ways of improving it.
3. The Liquor Portal is designed to help licensees manage their existing liquor licence, make modifications or transfer an existing licence. Now is the time to organise your liquor license club portal –
4. The VCGLR are operating ‘business as usual’ I am encouraging any sporting club that requires a variation to submit it via email/online as Aussie Post can be very slow and handling of paper documents may not be ideal.
5. Presently, there is no charge for variations but I’m not sure of end date of this.
6. We are encouraging sporting clubs to subscribe to the VCGLR newsletter –

Whilst face-to-face meetings are currently off the table, we can certainly work with you through email and telephone calls, or even a Skype meeting.

Give me a call on 0414 23 55 63 to chat about your existing liquor license, how you can improve and the process required to starting working on amending it.

I look forward to hearing from you and #stayhealthy

Kind Regards

Bill Karametos