Active April

With just over a month to go, a reminder that Active April is just around the corner!

This is a call out to all our member agencies that we are encouraging you all to sign up for Active April along with the rest of your workplace. Have you or your organisation registered yet?

Please feel free to promote Active April and take part in what’s on offer for the month and beyond!

Local working groups are in place to work on Active April strategies to promote existing opportunities, encourage new ones and provide access to people seeking to become physically active. We are promoting the message that any physical activity is better than none, all you have to do is get up and get moving! So, sign up with your workplace today and encourage your work colleagues to engage in some sort of physical activity. Some practical options for organisations could be participating in walking meetings, using the stairs instead of the lift, use of standing desks, or lunchtime walks around the block.

To register or for more information/resources please visit: